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When our Cub Scout Pack was considering adopting a computer record system, one of our den leaders said it would be nice if the den leaders could access and update their own den’s advancement records.

With (developed by Tom Hjellming), den leaders can do just that. is a Pack record-keeping system like Packmaster, but it is entirely web-based.

For a Boy Scout Troop, it probably works just fine for one leader in the unit to be responsible for entering and maintaining all the unit’s records. But with a Cub Scout Pack, it is nice for individual dens to be able to view and update their own advancement records.

Our Pack adopted about six months ago, and we have been very happy with it. allows each den to be responsible for entering and keeping their own advancement and contact information current. The unit advancement coordinator just needs to log in to review all the awards for the next pack meeting. Unlike some other systems, doesn’t force one leader to enter all the advancement data for the Pack.

I don’t think is perfect. Parts of the interface don’t seem as user-friendly as they could be, and its attendance-tracking system can be awkward to use.

But overall, has made managing advancement and contact data much easier for our Pack.

If your Pack doesn’t already have a computer-based record system, I would strongly recommend you consider

The cost is $45 per Pack for 12 months. The 30-day trial is free.


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  1. cedgar says:

    I have to say that I LOVE ScoutTrack! We have 5 dens and 50 boys in our pack, and I would have a much harder time being Awards/Advancement chair without the help of ScoutTrack. One thing not mentioned, but that I find invaluable about ScoutTrack is that not only can each den leader enter advancements for their den, but parents can enter as well. This wouldn’t work for troops, and is not advisable for most Webelos achievements, but is perfect for the earlier Cub levels!

    Also, if the den leader puts in planned den activities, parents can see which achievements will be done with the den and which they need to complete as a family.

    The calendar function is also very useful and I like the adult training tracker as well.

  2. jeejt says:

    Our pack has been using PackMaster, but after reading your review on Scouttrack, we are testing it out.

    Mike, anymore insights about Scouttrack? Any changes on their ‘attendance-tracking system’ or can you clarify why their “attendance-tracking system can be awkward to use”? Have they addressed/fixed that?

    cedgar can you explain what you mean by: “This wouldn’t work for troops, and is not advisable for most Webelos achievements, but is perfect for the earlier Cub levels!” Do you mean that the parents can’t enter the data or it is not a good idea for parents to add Webelo acheivements? I’m concerned about getting a program that is only good for 80% of the pack. Thanks!

  3. ltckdr says:

    Our Pack stood up last Fall and began using ScoutTrack almost immediately. In January, I stumbled across another alternative – ScoutManage – and, after a month-long comparison, decided to make the switch. While not as simple, ScoutManage has more functionality and costs $10 less per year than ScoutTrack does. Both have shortcomings and could use improvement but it’s worth a look.

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