Three Fires Council Hiking Program


Three Fires Council has a great Cub Hiking Program.  It encourages packs to have a Saturday hike each month, to keep track of each boy’s miles hiked, and to do recognition (such as a patch) at each hiking milestone.

The suggested hikes are usually two to four miles each.

There are many benefits to a Cub Scout hiking program including:

  • Recruitment and retention. Most boys who join Cub Scouting are looking for opportunities to do cool things in the outdoors like camping and hiking.
  • Physical Fitness. Many kids do not get much outdoor exercise. Cub Scout hiking is a great way to stay in shape.
  • Exposure to Nature. When boys spend time on the trail, their knowledge and appreciation of nature will increase.
  • Preparation for Boy Scouts. Webelos Scouts who have been on a significant number of hikes have an easier time adjusting being in a troop than those who have not.

Here is the 2007 “Let’s Hit the Trail” Scouting Magazine article about the Three Fires Council hiking program. Link

And here are the shorter (link) and longer (link) pdf packets from Three Fires Council describing the hiking program.


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