New Annual Health and Medical Record


BSA National has unveiled a new Annual Health and Medical Record that replaces all previous BSA medical forms.

Here are some things to note about the new Record:

  • Parts A and C are to be filled out annually by youth and adult members of all BSA units (including Cub Scout packs).
  • Part B is to be filled out by a licensed health care provider. It is required for resident camp, for events lasting more than 72 hours, and for activities that are  strenuous and demanding such as service projects, work weekends, or high-adventure treks.
  • Units are encouraged to keep the Annual Health and Medical Records in a confidential medical file for quick access in an emergency and to be prepared for all adventures.
  • There is now a mandatory weight limit for those who want to participate in high-adventure activities or events that would require more than 30 minutes for evacuation by ground transportation.

You can download the form here.  Link (pdf)

The official BSA FAQ is here.  Link [Via]

One Response to New Annual Health and Medical Record

  1. missingarrow says:

    According to what the Health and Safety Team Leader has posted in the Scouting Community ( it sounds like the majority of folks are misinterpreting the 30min requirement for the ht/wt standards.

    This is from his last post:
    “The key intent was “how far you are off the nearest accessible trail or road for the ambulance or Philburban to get to you?” Where we need to raise awareness is that folks need to know their limits, the limits of their units and be medically fit for that off the beaten path challenge. So questions like how long it will take for you to get to the nearest evacuation point for the ambulance or Philburban are probably more important. If you can’t communicate to summon care and have 30+ minutes for your unit to make the nearest trail the H/W chart and need to have a physical exam should apply. ”

    I’m hoping they will at least clarify if it is 30 minutes to a suitable ambulance location or 30 minutes to the hospital, in the FAQs.

    He also asked that people link to the actual forms on the website. This way when they tweak the technology, everyone will have access to the most recent version. For example, it sounds like they are going to fix the Last Name / Participants name field auto fill issue.


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