Kindergarten Lions: Pilot Description


At the BSA Innovation Engine, an official description of the kindergarten Lions program pilot program has been posted.

Here are some noteworthy items from the post:

  • The Lions pilot program is scheduled to test for five years with 2008-2009 being the first year.
  • If warranted, a larger area will be chosen for the second year.
  • Currently, 262 Lion Cub Scouts are enrolled.
  • Among the factors to be evaluated in assessing the pilot program are: (future) Tiger Cub registration, attendance at camp, and advancement.

Here is the full text:


-Program focused on parent planning and delivery with youth participation
-Specifically designed, age appropriate literature for kids
-Adult Partners will learn basics of youth development

The Lion Cub Scouts is a pilot program created to introduce a new Cub Scout program for boys age 5 or in Kindergarten and their adult partners. The program is focused on parent planning and delivery with support from the Cub Scout pack using literature specifically designed for the younger age group (Lion Cub Scout Adult Guide and Lion Cub Scout Adventure Guide). The Adult Guide contains a detailed plan for each month’s curriculum and breaks down each section into Family/Den Activities, At-Home Activities and Grand Adventures.

The program was developed by the Northern Star Council and is scheduled to test for a total of 5 years. 2008-2009 is the first year of the program and includes a total of 262 of Lion Cub Scouts currently enrolled in the program. During the year, Adult Partners will be asked to provide answers to detailed survey questions and provide feedback on each month’s theme, plans and activities. The first report on the pilot program will be released at the end of December 2008 based on the October/November adult partner surveys and evaluations. The primary curriculum/educational outcomes are for parents/Adult Partners to learn the basics of youth development and Scouting’s proven tools for raising happy, healthy children. The outcome for the kids is to discover the fun of Scouting at an earlier age.

The Lion Cub Scouts pilot program will ultimately be evaluated based on retention of youth in the program. The initial results will be tabulated based on the number of youth registering as Tiger Cubs by June 2009 with a targeted retention rate of 75%. In addition to Tiger Cub registration, attendance at camp and advancement will be measured. At the end of the year, the entire program curriculum will be evaluated based on parent/Adult Partner surveys, evaluations and other observations by the local council staff. If warranted, the program will then be expanded to a larger area to test the initial results of the first year of the program.

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One Response to Kindergarten Lions: Pilot Description

  1. listerman3 says:

    How has it progressed? Will Lion Cub Scouting soon be nation wide? We live in Missouri and I have a son who will be Kindergarten age next year. It would be great if this were available here.

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