Parents Attending Den Meetings


Under the traditional Cub Scout program, non-leader parents (other than Tiger partners) were not encouraged to attend den meetings although they were permitted to do so if they asked to.

Today, however, there may be a trend toward encouraging helpful parental presence at all Cub Scout meetings and events.

Under “National Parent Initiative” on the adult leader application (28-501F), it says that parents of each child are encouraged to:

  1. Participate with them.
  2. Go to and observe their meetings.
  3. Be part of their unit’s program—both weekly meetings and outings.

On the ScoutParents website is this quote from ScoutParents founder Gerald I. Lawhorn: “Scouts of ‘drop off’ parents generally drop out!”

Although there are many good reasons for the traditional policy of non-leader Cub Scout parents not attending den meetings, most Cub Scout leaders that I know recommend encouraging those parents who can to stay. Parents who stay for den meetings are more likely to understand the value of Cub Scouting.  This improves a Cub Scout’s chances of continued success in scouting.

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