Baloo’s Bugle – April 2009 (Jurassic Pack) Theme

February 26, 2009 5:49 am


The March 2009 Baloo’s Bugle (by Commissioner Dave) is available for free download. Baloo’s Bugle is a monthly unofficial publication with games, activities, ceremonies, puzzles, crafts, and other ideas for den and pack meetings. This one covers the April “Jurassic Pack theme.

For Webelos Scout den meetings, this Bugle also has activities for the Family Member and Sportsman Webelos activity badges.

And this issue also has tips for den leaders, info about Pow-wow/University of Scouting, and suggestions for effective pack communication.

Click here (link) to download it in pdf format or here (link) to download it in Word format.

Family Member Resources

January 21, 2009 5:55 am


As with all the Webelos activity badges, the best resources for Family Member are the Webelos Handbook and the Webelos Leader Guide.

Here are some other Family Member resources that may be helpful:

Family Member Requirements

January 18, 2009 3:18 pm


One of the official suggested Webelos activity badges for April is Family Member.

Here are the requirements for the Family Member Webelos activity badge:

Do all of these:

1. Tell what is meant by family, duty to family, and family meetings.
2. Make a chart showing the jobs you and other family members have at home. Talk with your family about other jobs you can do for the next two months.
3. Make a list of some things for which your family spends money. Tell how you can help your family save money.
4. Plan your own budget for 30 days. Keep track of your daily expenses for seven days.
5. Take part in at least four family meetings and help make decisions. The meetings might involve plans for family activities, or they might be about serious topics that your parent wants you to know about.
6. With the help of an adult inspect your home and surroundings. Make a list of hazards or lack of security that you find. Correct one problem that you found and tell what you did.

And do two of these:

7. With the help of an adult, prepare a family energy-saving plan. Explain what you did to carry it out.
8. Tell what your family does for fun. Make a list of fun things your family might do for little or no cost. Plan a family fun night.
9. Learn how to clean your home properly. With adult supervision, help do it for one month.
10. Show that you know how to take care of your clothes. With adult supervision, help at least twice with the family laundry.
11. With adult supervision, help plan the meals for your family for one week. Help buy the food and help prepare three meals for your family.
12. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Academics belt loop for Heritages.
13. Explain why garbage and trash must be disposed of properly.

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March 2008 Baloo’s Bugle (April “Abracadabra” Info)

March 3, 2008 5:51 am


The March 2008 Baloo’s Bugle (by “Commissioner Dave”) is now available. It has lots of games, skits, magic tricks, crafts, and other ideas for den and pack meetings for the April 2008 monthly theme (“Abracadabra”).

For Webelos Scout den meetings, it also has activities for the Sportsman and Family Member Webelos activity badges.

Click here (link) to download it in pdf format or here (link) to download it in Word format.

Updated: 08-20-2008


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